"Highway 1" Fontina Style

Highway One is our version of an old style Fontina. Its texture is silky and creamy, with the traditional Fontina flavor that pairs great with Italian wines and cuisine. This unpasteurized cheese has been aged for at least 80 days. It is mildly fruity, with a nutty flavor and aroma. It is a perfect anytime cheese; great for melting as well as on a sandwich or on an appetizer plate with crackers.


Montasio Style "Estero Gold" Reserve

This is the same cheese as the Estero Gold, only this is aged for a minimum of 18 months. As it ages, it develops a stronger flavor, a harder and dryer texture, and becomes similar to a parmesan style cheese.  If you enjoy extra-aged cheeses with those little granular “crunchies” known as crystals, you will love this cheese. The “crunchies” are formed from the amino acid tyrosine, which are common in high-protein, extra-aged cheeses. The “Reserve” is a great cheese for grating and also goes amazing with a glass of red wine.


"Estero Gold" Montasio Style

Estero gold is handmade in the style of an Asiago, reminiscent of a Montasio, two of the famous cheeses from the Swiss-Italian dairy country. Our young cheese, at about 6 months aged, is very pliable, with grassy, fruity overtones. As it continues to age, the flavor deepens, becoming complex and nutty. It has an open texture with small holes and straw-like coloring. Its subtle, creamy and buttery taste nicely complements other foods. Its fine rustic flavor can be paired with any wine. It also melts wonderfully in pastas and polenta, or try it shredded on a salad.



Grazin' Girl is the newest available cheese and is just beginning to hit the market. This cheese has a rustic, basket weave exterior while the interior is a buttery color with tasty notes of sweet cream along with blue streaks and patches throughout. It is amazing in salads, sauces, and it is exquisite drizzled with a little honey.